Week 1: June 27 – July 1

FIELD GAMES & SOCCER                                                                                  Ages 6-10

with Justin Cassarino


It is all fun and games for this week. Campers learn to cooperate with their peers, improve their endurance, and learn some fancy footwork. Besides playing some soccer, we play old favorites like Steal the Bacon, Alaskan Soccer, Fishy Fishy, and learn new favorite games both in field and in the forest. This camp is not to be missed for the energetic, playful, fun loving child in your life. We cool off in the pond and play at the beach every day.

YOGA PEACE WARRIORS                                                                                 Ages 8-13

with Monique Lamore


This week will focus on playfully exploring yoga through breath exercises to help calm the body and mind; yoga poses and pose sequences to strengthen and lengthen muscles and improve balance and coordination; partner poses to encourage trust in others, fun and friendship; songs; chants; games; and relaxation/visualization. Throughout the week we will learn about the guiding principles of yoga such as practicing peace, being honest, and being generous. We will spend time each day on a yoga-themed art activity including making our own prayer flags and learning about and making mandalas. Each day we will also spend time swimming in the pond and walking in the peaceful wooded trails. Yoga has many benefits to all of us, including children! 

Week 2: July 5 - July 8 (4-Day Camp)

I SPY LITTLE FOLK                                                                                             Ages: 6-8

with Sueno Leblond


A sense of wonder fills the air as these young explorers open their hearts and minds to all life on Orchard Hill each summer. Wee Folk campers enjoy building gnome homes and fairy houses, crafting their own costumes and dolls, and exploring the magic of farm, forest, and stream. Embark with us into the world of pixies, elves and gnomes.

NIGERIAN ARTS                                                                                     Ages 8-13 

with Segun Olorunfemi


We are delighted to welcome our friend Segun to The Orchard School Summer to lead a week of experiences in Yoruban tradition. Segun and his wife Seyi lead arts camps here from 2001-2007.  Campers will create their own interpretations of the world around them through sand and yarn painting, batik on rice paper and fabric, and other traditional Nigerian arts. There will be storytelling through our art, cooking, and games during this week of village experience. At the end of the week the campers will share their artwork with their families. 

Week 3: July 11 - July 15

JAPANESE ARTS AND CULTURE                                                         Ages 6-9

with Yumiko Sandoe


We are delighted to welcome Yumiko back to the Orchard School and community!!! Have you dreamed of making paper cranes, heard of Ikebana, or tried sushi? Yumiko leads campers in an exploration of Japanese culture and life, focusing on the magical transformation of simple materials into unique creations. Campers learn Japanese language and songs. Activities include origami, tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arranging, cooking, and stories.


EYE OF THE NATURALIST- POND & STREAM ECOLOGY                      Ages 10-13

with Mitch Harrison


We are excited to welcome Vilas middle school Science teacher Mitch Harrison to lead campers. They collect and identify macro invertebrates and assess water quality in the streams and woodland ponds. Learn basics of water testing and assessing water quality in our waterways. Mapping and orienteering are camp fare. Campers explore fields and forests identifying birds, and their water and habitat needs. And there is time for friendship, fun, and swimming each day!!

Week 4: July 18 - July 22

THE ART OF THE WILD                                                                           Ages 6-13 

with Marty Castriotta and Helen D’Angelo


We come together as a whole camp each morning to play games and to meet for Thanksgiving circle. This is a time when we can all reflect on the wonders and lessons of the forest. We then bring fire to the circle as a way to remember our
ancestors who have walked the forest path. Break into groups by age and interest throughout the day.

FOREST EXPLORERS                                                                           (Junior explorers) 

Who else lives in the forest community? With our eyes wide like the owl, our ears alert like the deer and all our senses on high, we will explore the wilds around Orchard Hill. We will search for tracks, dissect rotting logs, dip nets in streams, touch and taste wild plants and discover the diversity of life that lives around us.


WILDERNESS ARTS                                                                             (Master Explorers)  

Come explore the magic and lore living in the woods and wilds of Orchard Hill. We’ll share in the ancient practices of fire making, shelter building, storytelling, singing,sneaking. We’ll work together exploring and design our creations from what the earth offers us. Prepare to get dirty, have fun! and explore the wild.

Week 5: July 25 - July 29

FARM CAMP                                                                                           Ages 6-13

with Anna Elbers and Helen D’angelo


Experience life on the farm in groups by age throughout the day.


Junior campers join us to explore the basics of animal care, vegetable growing and herbal medicine. There will be plenty of time for hiking, games and fun at the pond. Eating our own farm fresh snacks is the yummiest part of this camp.


Advanced campers will go deeper into the exploration of the connections between animals, the land, and us! We will delve into fiber arts & creating natural dyes, earth mandalas and herbal salves. Care for the animals, harvesting food to prepare snacks and cooling off at the pond will be daily fare.

Week 6: August 1 - August 5

SANKOFA: WEST AFRICAN VILLAGE WEEK                                           Ages 6-13

with Sankofa Dance Theatre.

Over the past 21 years, Mama Kibibi Ajanku amd three generations of the Sankofa Dance Theatre from Baltimore, MD have inspired our summer camp community with their energy, music, and theatre. The sound of the drum will become the heartbeat of your children in this week of musical enchantment. Join the Ajanku family and the dancers and drummers of Sankofa Dance Theatre in a weeklong experience of community in action and understanding that we can work together for a peaceful world through artistic expression. During the week, campers break into groups by age and interest throughout the day and get to know each other through dance, crafts, drumming, stories, sharing, and summertime fun. There will be a Friday performance August 5th.