Summer Camp Team 



JoEllen Manning has been a lead preschool teacher at The Orchard School for over ten years. She has extensive training in nature-based curriculum. Her interest and related skills in supporting children’s differences physically and emotionally and helping them achieve success through daily interactions with others makes her a strong leader at our school.





Eleanor Elbers has worked, taught, learned from, played with and cared for many children and their families since she was 17. For the past 25 years she has shared 100% of her life in the building of community here at The Orchard School and Orchard Hill. Her core belief is in the healing power of love . She lives at Orchard Hill Community with her husband, Anton building community, growing children and apples and dreaming up possibilities for a world of peace and justice.


Marty Castriotta is an environmental educator, farmer and natural builder. At The Orchard School, he is Facilities Director, a camp lead teacher and teacher of Farmers & Foragers during the school year. He lives at Orchard Hill with his wife, Ellen, where they enjoy growing food, building their home and sharing the wonders of the outdoors with children. Marty has taught at several environmental education centers where he gained a significant amount of experience integrating special needs students into agricultural and ecological education. Marty has an M.S. in Environmental Education from Antioch New England.


Anna Elbers has been working with children for over 25 years, and has spent many summers working with The Orchard School Summer Camp. Anna has been a Montessori teacher, has her BA in psychology and philosophy from Hampshire College, and has earned a MA in Child Development from Mills College in Oakland CA where she taught preschool for 4 years. She currently teaches at Tall Trees preschool. Now that her boys Amari and Malikai are old enough to be in camp Anna is enjoying spending time teaching at The Orchard School Summer Camp again.


Mitch Harrison (Eye of the Naturalist) has been teaching middle school science for 19 years and has spent the last 14 at Vilas Middle School. As much as possible, Mitch tries to incorporate place-based learning into his curriculum, including the Eastern Brook Trout in the Classroom program his 7th graders have been taking part in for 8 years. Mitch is an avid birder and along with Sarah Webb has run the Alstead Bird Blitz the past two years. He also fly fishes often and is a licensed NH Guide. He is President of the Connecticut River Chapter of Trout Unlimited and is on the Cold River Local advisory.


Monique Lamore earned a Bachelors in Behavioral Science in 1999 and in 2007 she graduated with a Masters degree in Social Work. Monique was certified to teach children's yoga through ChildLight Yoga in 2011. She has since been working with children & young adults in school settings, yoga studios, health centers, libraries, and rec programs.


Sueño Le Blonde is a teacher, an environmental educator and a fiber artist. She brings her love of the forest, science, art and the wild to all of her students. She holds her Masters of Education from Antioch New England. Sueño has taught at TOS, Kroka Expeditions, Harrisville Children’s Center, and currently at Symonds Elementary School. She has lead our camps for the past seven years. She delights in natural explorations.


Yumiko Sandoe worked for TOS as a para, teacher, arts teacher and co lead for open doors.  She has been living in Japan with her family for the past 5 years where she taught art in a school for children with disabilities. She returns to Orchard School with new inspiration to share with all of us.


Sankofa Dance Theatre reaches out to communities locally and nationally by offering Youth Camps as an introduction to African culture through its art forms for the purpose of creating intercultural respect, understanding and tolerance. Sankofa Dance Theatre celebrates the glory of African culture as a statement that all cultures are rich, wonderful and beautiful.  Kibibi Ajanku, founder and director, will be joined by her world class ensemble of dancers, drummers, and teachers. Check out their website and facebook for more info:


Segun Olorunfemi a renowned Nigerian artist and teacher and his wife Seyi were raised in the traditions and village culture of the Yoruba people. Their mission is to share the goodness of the past to build a better future for all children and youth. Segun’s highly acclaimed artwork has been exhibited in numerous museums, galleries, books and magazines throughout the US, Nigeria and Europe. Named

Listed in “Who’s Who of Nigerian Art” published by Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. Segun also has 17 years’ experience working with people with disabilities through the arts.