• Comfortable weather appropriate clothing with sturdy shoes (Heavy-soled sandals or sneakers are best!) No flip-flops. A hat is recommended.

  • Bathing suit underneath clothing for waterplay (explained below). Please have your child wear a bathing suit even if they think they won’t get wet, they can always say no to water but won’t have a chance to change!

  • Sunscreen covering all parts of their body (we suggest applying in their bathing suit before getting dressed). We will not be able to apply or reapply during the day! You may also choose to put Bug spray on your child as we go on the trails in the woods almost every day.


  • A labeled bag with all of your child's items

  • A small backpack for trekking in the woods.

  • A change of clothes for your child including: shorts, t-shirt, underwear, extra socks, a sweatshirt, and a raincoat.

  • 2 labeled water bottles pre-filled with water

  • Morning snack and lunch (these can be in the same labeled lunch containers/box)

    • Campers use a lot of energy during the day and often eat more than on regular days at home, so make sure to send food that is nutritious and filling!

    • Ideas include: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plenty of protein rich foods

  • Towel (your child will need this to sit on during lunch/snack/sitting times as well as to dry off after water play)


Please label everything you send in with your child’s name! 


We will not use the pond. This summer at Orchard School Day Camp water play will consist of:

  • Treks to the brook in our forest; sprinklers, water games & water tables.

  • Staff will have water safety training.

  • Be the last activity of the day. Children will not change after water play and will remain in suits until pick-up.

  • Allow your child the chance to explore, use energy, and have fun in a safe way!

Ticks and Summer Day Camp: What You Need to Know

  • Please check your child every day Before and After camp for ticks

  • Begin conversations about ticks with your children, we will teach children how and where to check for ticks but we will not be able to physically check children

  • If a child finds a tick at camp, we can remove it with your permission


For more information about checking for, removing, and preventing ticks visit:

Contact Info

  • Eleanor's cell phone: 603-499-3422

  • Andrea in the office 8:00am - 12:00pm during camp weeks

  • Mailing address: 114 Old Settler's Road, Alstead, NH 03602