Quaker Worship Group

The Orchard Hill Quaker worship group meets each Sunday from 9-10:00 AM. Masks are required indoors and chairs are set 10' apart in our high-ceiling Great Room. We meet outdoors in temperatures over 40 degrees.  

What is Quaker Meeting?

Quaker meeting for worship is based on silent waiting, where we expect to come into the presence of God. In this living silence, we listen for the still, small voice that comes from God through the Inward Light. Worshiping together in silence is a way for a community to be brought together in love and faithfulness.

During silent worship, anyone—adult or child—may feel inspired to give vocal ministry (speak out of the silence). After the person speaks the message, the silence resumes. Such messages may be offered several times during a meeting for worship, or the whole period of worship may be silent. Someone will signal the close of worship by shaking hands with another person, then everyone shakes hands with those seated nearby. For more on silent worship, see the QuakerSpeak video Quaker Silence.


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