Friday April 13  7-9pm

Suggested donation: $20








Many cultures believe that our ancestors exist just a step away from us in the spirit realm. Their influence on us can be as subtle as a fleeting facial expression that reminds us of a grandparent or as obvious as a family pattern that keeps repeating from one generation to the next. The people we descended from can be some of our most powerful allies if we allow ourselves to connect to them in a healthy way that acknowledges lineage cycles while honoring their true essence. Join us for a beautiful evening of honoring your people by exploring family patterning, using elementals to begin the process of lineage purification, and taking a shamanic journey into the realm of the ancestors to form relationships with those from whom you originated.

Please bring with you:  a journal & names/photos of those who have passed on.




Massage Therapy-Shamanic Healing-Fire Walks