Eleanor Elbers

Eleanor embodies the heart and soul of the Orchard School and Community Center.  A long-time advocate for children and community organizer, she continues to find immense joy in the discoveries that children make when they are given space to play and explore the world around them.  Eleanor develops and organizes Day Camps at Orchard School, Arts and Ecology Afterschool, and other community events throughout the year. In October 2018, Eleanor was selected by Cheshire County Conservation District as 2018 Educator of the Year! Read their press release to learn more about Eleanor's story and vision.

Contact:  (603) 499 - 3422 eleanor@theorchardschool.org

Ann Burk

Ann joined The Orchard School and Community Center (TOSCC) in 2017. She moved to this area after she retired from 32 years as an elementary teacher in the public school system in Montgomery County, Maryland. As fortune would have it, she met Eleanor, who sparked her interest with the prospect of working with children in Eleanor’s unique “Place-Based-Learning” environment. Ann is a member of the Board, and works closely with The Arts and Ecology After-School Program and The Homeschool Program. Ann is inspired by all the many ways that people come together to support the mission of TOSCC, and is happy to be part of this growing community.


Contact: atburk@gmail.com

Brynne Kilton

Brynne has recently joined the Board at Orchard School and Community Center.  She has been involved with Orchard School for many years as a parent and friend to the community.  

Contact: brynne@theorchardschool.org

Emily Mason

Emily is a Customer Service Representative at Badger Balm.  She discovered The Orchard School when looking for a place for her son to attend Preschool.  She came to recognize the true magic that happens for children when they come to learn and play here, and felt moved to join the Board.  Emily also puts together the monthly Newsletter, and continues to send her children to Day Camps at Orchard School.

Contact: emily.b.mason@theorchardschool.org