A World of Adventure Awaits!

Summer camp enlivens The Orchard School and Community Center from late June through early August. In addition to weekly themes, each camper enjoys swimming and playing in the pond, scouting the fields and forest trails, and making great new friends!  
Our talented staff members bring a joyful enthusiasm, loving hearts, and hard work together to make camp happen every day. Our camp community meets for all-camp games and song, so no matter what camp you choose, you will be part of the heart and energy of The Orchard School. We welcome campers with all abilities and gifts to our learning community.*
Each camp session runs Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.** 
Each camp costs $200 per child. ***

* We have financial aid and scholarship options.

**Extended Care is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 - 8:30 and 3:30- 5:00

For more information email camp@theorchardschool.org or call (603) 835 - 2495 

Cost: $190-250 for most camps; Sankofa $225-275 (?)

Week One:  June 25 - 29  

I Spy Wee Folk (5-6)  A sense of wonder fills the air as these young explorers open their hearts and minds to all life on Orchard Hill each summer. Wee Folk campers enjoy building gnome homes and fairy houses, crafting their own costumes and dolls, and exploring the magic of farm, forest, and stream. Come join us on a journey of magic, mystery and discovery!

Soccer and Field Games (7-12) It is all fun and games for this week! Campers learn to cooperate with their peers, improve their endurance, and learn some fancy footwork. Besides playing some soccer, we play old favorites like Steal the Bacon, Alaskan Soccer, Fishy Fishy, and learn new favorite games both in field and in the forest. This camp is not to be missed for the energetic, playful, fun loving child in your life. We cool off in the pond and play at the beach every day.

Week Two: July 9 - 13  


Farm and Forest Experience (5-8)  Summer is in full swing!  The farm is full of yummy veggies, fruits and eggs. The forest is cool and green. This week campers will experience a life on the farm and forest. We will spend a lot of time outside meeting farm animals, harvesting, cooking, hiking in the forest, playing games on the field, making farm and forest art and swimming at the pond. We will connect with the earth!

Connected by Art (9-12)  If you like creating art and exploring different kinds of art materials and methods, this is the week you for you! And if you are curious about art but not to know how to do it, it is the week for you as well. The week will connect  you with ideas, old and new friends and nature through art!  Painting, clay, collage, earth art, Japanese art and more! We will have outside fun time such as swimming at the pond, exploring in the wood and playing games.

Week Three: July 16-20 


ART PARTY!  (5-8)  Do you like making art? Come join us! Do you want to know how fun and easy it is to make art? Come join us! We will fill up our space with joy of art making. You will be able to experience many different kinds of materials and method to create.  Painting, clay, collage, earth art, Japanese art and more! There will be fun outside time as well such as swimming at the pond, exploring in the wood and playing games.

Wild Woods! (9-12) You never know what you will discover on the farm and in the forest of Orchard Hill.  Join us for a week of exploration and relaxation as we trek through the woods, farm and orchard.  At camp there is always a new game to play or a new discovery to be made.  This week we will prepare snacks made from what is grown on the farm, meet some incredible animals, and explore with new friends!  

Week Four: July 23-27


Forest Explorers (5-8)  Who else lives in the forest community? With our eyes wide like the owl, our ears alert like the deer and all our senses on high, we will explore the wilds around Orchard Hill. We will search for tracks, dissect rotting logs, dip nets in streams, touch and taste wild plants and discover the diversity of life that lives around us.  We will cook food over a fire, and visit the pond and streams each day!  We will get to know the woods around us through exploration and play.  

EcoAdventure!!! (9-12)  Come explore the magic and lore living in the woods and wilds of Orchard Hill. We’ll share in the practices of fire making, shelter building, storytelling, and wild crafting. We’ll work together as we  explore and design our creations from what the earth offers us. Adventures await in the woods of Orchard Hill.  Prepare to get crafty, adventurous, and wild!


Week Five: August 6 -10


West African Village - Sankofa Dance Theatre (Ages 9-13) (Ages 5-8)

We are blessed to join with Sankofa dance theatre to celebrate African Diaspora!  Your child will feel the heartbeat of humanity as we come together with the Ajanku family and the dancers and drummers.  The sound of the drum will become one with our  heartbeats in this week of musical enchantment. Join the Ajanku family and the dancers and drummers of Sankofa Dance Theatre in a weeklong experience of community in action.  Together we work to gain understanding that we can work toward a peaceful world through artistic expression. During the week, campers break into groups by age and interest throughout the day and get to know each other through dance, crafts, drumming, stories, sharing, and summertime fun.