Don’t forget to enroll your child in our Open Doors Vacation program for the days they are off school. Call or email Sharon for more information and to register!, 301.835.2495. The students do all kinds of cool things and get to spend time outdoors…sledding, hiking, and exploring. And they make a healthy snack together every day.
Monday, January 26
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Connect with our learning community, discuss, eat popcorn, have fun! This coming Tuesday, Jan. 13, at 6:30PM we will be showing “My Neighbor Totoro,” brought to you by TOS parent and Board Member, Jill Koger. Appropriate for ages 4 & up.





Giftivism: The practice of radically generous acts that change the world

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. We made our fundraising goal for the calendar year! It’s been wonderful reflecting these last 12 days on all the gifts of our community. Our community of givers really came through and this picture symbolizes the LIGHT all of our donors, volunteers, staff, and supporters SHED on our students to bring them wonder in the form of committed staff, transformative experiences, educational and art supplies, and beauty! THANK YOU! I took this picture at our annual Lantern Walk last month. A night full of light, song and reflection. Here a student stares in awe at the floating lanterns on the pond. What a magical place you all have helped to build.

If you still want to get your tax deductible gift in before the end of the year, don’t worry! You can still do it here

Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours a magical 2015.


Giftivism: The practice of radically generous acts that change the world.

Thank you to all who have donated coats and snow gear so that our students can enjoy the beauty and adventure of the outdoors all year round.